"I recently received my Lion Mix Oil this weekend. Just after two days I can feel the lioness magic on my skin. This is a product truly for everyone...  If you're from The Bay Area you most likely know my god father Kweku and his daughter Kali who has blessed us with this healing solution. This oil is pure pleasure and made out of pure goodies and goodness." 


- Tulani D'Anguilar 

                                                                  San Francisco, CA

"It kind of dawned on me one day the impact of everything we put on our skin. We dont think about the fact that our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything we put on it! Then when you look at the back of a lotion bottle there are dozens of chemicals and ingredients we've never heard of! That's pretty scary to me. So when turning to a natural beauty regimen I was so pleased to find this oil, because I'm 100% confident about every ingredient. Not only that, but this is a family owned business, and I know that the makers of this product are charging it with love, healing energy and crafting each one with care. That in itself is so rare to find these days, it is a true gem in my life. Sure coconut oil, or almond oil on their own are great, but the power in this product is in the mixture of its ingredients. The ginger oil and eucalyptus create an aroma I am in love with! But I still get deep moisture from the olive oil and cocoa butter. It works great as a massage oil but as someone with very dry skin this is my holy grail! My favorite thing to do when I feel like pampering myself is to shower, rub it all over, then get under the covers for bed. The ginger creates a soothing cooling effect and I wake up glowing! We all deserve healing and rejuvenation in our lives, and I thank Lion Mix for doing just that."

                                                                      -Veronica Mondujano

                                                                            Coyoacán, Mexico

"As a current graduate student at Harvard University, I barely have time to shop for skin products. Now that I have discovered Lion Mix, I don't need to look any further! It is the perfect addition to my skin care routine; I always glow with it on. Whether I am going on a run, studying for midterms, or observing monkeys in the forest, this oil always makes my skin look and feel soft, healthy, and happy. I cannot recommend Lion Mix enough -- Your skin and soul will love it!"                   

- Laura Lewis 

Cambridge, Massachusetts